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CBDNA Southern Division will present sessions to disseminate the results of excellent research at its Divisional Conference in Oxford, MS, February 24-26, 2010.

Interested individuals are hereby requested to submit research relevant to the wind band conducting profession for consideration and presentation at the 2010 divisional conference.

Those who wish to submit a paper for consideration should comply with the following general guidelines:

A. Papers submitted for presentation must be the original work of the submitting author(s).

B. There are no limitations as to type and/or scope of research submitted for consideration: quantitative studies (experimental, descriptive, etc.), qualitative studies, historical studies, and theoretical analyses will all be considered for presentation.

C. Papers presented at prior conferences will be considered if the audience was substantially different (e.g., a state meeting or a university symposium). A statement specifying particulars of presentation must be included with the submission.

D. Papers may have been submitted for publication but must not be "in print" prior to the national conference.

E. Manuscript style of articles representing descriptive or experimental studies must conform to the most recent edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Authors of other types of studies may submit manuscripts that conform to the most recent editions of A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (K.L. Turabian), The Chicago Manual of Style, or any recognized manual of style.

Directions for Submission:

1. The screening process will be conducted by Dr. Michael Worthy, professor of music education at The University of Mississippi, our host school.

2. Researchers should submit a one-page abstract summarizing the results and/or findings of the study.

3. The deadline for abstract submission is October 1, 2009.

4. Send electronic versions (PDF files) to Dr. Michael Worthy, Screening Committee Chair, at

5. Dr. Worthy will screen the abstracts for suitability/appropriateness. At his discretion, authors may be contacted for additional information and/or the full report.

6. Dr. Worthy will submit a summary of recommendations to the division president.

7. Researchers selected for presentation will be contacted by the division president around November 15.

The following will be required of researchers whose reports are chosen for presentation at the Divisional Conference:

1. Authors will present the results and/or other findings in a time slot of no longer than 20 minutes as part of a research session with multiple presenters.

2. The 20 minute time limit will be strictly enforced. Authors will be asked to stop by the session moderator at the end of the time allotment.

3. In the interest of staying within the presentation time allotment, the use of audio/visual aids (PowerPoint presentations, etc.) should be considered carefully. SET UP TIME FOR AUDIO/VISUAL AIDS AND COMPUTERS WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE 20 MINUTE TIME ALLOTMENT. Presenters will need to subtract presentation time in the event of compatibility issues. For that reason the use of audio/visual aids should be used only if necessary to effectively disseminate findings of the study.

4. All participants must be full time active members of CBDNA (with dues currently paid) and registered at the 2010 Conference. (Student memberships are appropriate for individuals currently enrolled in an academic degree program.)

5. Participants must travel to Oxford, MS, at their own expense. There is no monetary assistance provided by CBDNA-SD.

6. Participants will be required to bring one copy of the complete report to the Divisional Conference. Participants will also want to bring copies of a report summary (abstract, limited to one or two pages) for distribution at the presentation.

Please direct questions about the submission process to Patrick Dunnigan at